Conditions Specific Physio-Yoga Exercises
Conditions Specific Physio-Yoga Exercises

Physio Yoga Therapy is an approach to physiotherapy that combines evidence based physiotherapy and yoga. Physiotherapy uses evidence based treatment methods to treat the patients. As a evidence based professionals, physiotherapists have broad knowledge about how the human body functions and the pathophysiology of a several disease.

Yoga is a group of physicalmental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.

Physiotherapists who are trained to apply yoga methods to a patient, can offer a safe and effective approach to healing.

Workshop Contents

Yoga techniques for the following conditions:

Back and neck pain

Musculoskeletal injuries (shoulders, hips, knees, etc)

Chronic or persistent pain

Pelvic pain





High blood pressure

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Rheumatoid arthritis

Urinary stress or urge incontinence



Dr.Harshita PT, Yoga

Dr.Harshita is a Indian physiotherapist, yoga therapist, certified Pilates instructor  and Dry needling Specialist and  dedicated to empowering individuals to create and sustain meaningful lives by teaching and advocating for the integration of yoga into physiotherapy. She is evolving into physio yoga, a combination of physiotherapy and yoga.

Dr.Harshita has received her bachelor of physiotherapy from The oxford college of physiotherapy, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India and receiver her Diploma in yoga from institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Dr.Harshita PT guest lectures at physiotherapy colleges, teaches at yoga therapy schools and yoga teacher trainings, speaks nationally at yoga therapy and medical conferences. Her courses and retreats are highly sought after and have been well received by many physiotherapists, yoga professionals and other healthcare providers.



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