Digital Teaching

Dr.Vivek PT, FRCPT

My experience with FRCPT and digital teachings was great. I had a very good time working on the assignments, as each and every assignment gave really useful information, which in normal circumstances we would not search for. As a private practitioner, we used to encounter many cases where our knowledge of radiology is mandatory. FRCPT has transformed my knowledge and understanding I would proudly say.

The online classes in were really very informative and I was amazed that a virtual class can bring in the feel that I experienced in my academic days. Me as a great lover of my profession wish that this knowledge should reach almost all, my fellow Physiotherapists. Very little dedication from our side is needed to taste the fruit of this course. I really thank Dr.Prabhu PT, (Phd) for designing such a platform and his coordinating skills are amazing. My personal opinion is, there should be more advanced courses from Digital Teachings, in radiology like, musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging which will be a practical use for our growing profession. Thank you  Dr.Prabhu.

Dr.Vivek PT, FRCPT.

Consultant Physiotherapist.

Nabdth Al-Hayah Physiotherapy Center,

Buraimi, Oman.

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Vivek Reginald

Dr.Vivek PT, FRCPT Consultant PT Buraimi, Oman.