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Testimonial 2

Being as an FRCPT scholar of International institute of digital teachings, I got an oppurtunity to learn about the radiology in various aspects. Most of the doubts which i had on my day to day PT practice while im seeing radiographs and MRI had been cleared by this course. This course paved the way to learn more about radiology like different angles of views in radiographs such as sun rise view, open mouth view and etc. In MRI ,purpose of referring to T1&T2,the differents between the T1 &T2 MRI’s and hypersensitive signals and etc, CT scans and purpose of Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for TMJ and etc all these things and more had been taught in this course and these things are very essential for today’s modern PT practice.

The physiotherapist being as an first contact neuromusculoskeletal practitioner needs to know about the concepts of Radiology, the knowledge of radiology is needed to go through the radio diagnosis made by radiologist, to discuss with other health care practitioners about the case, to refer the patient directly to an radiologist  If necessary in situations such as when needed to make an accurate diagnosis with an report of the physical findings and comparable signs for an example let it be an Ottawa ankle or knee rule and let it be an step deformity in a lumbo-sacral area to confirm a grade of spondylolisthesis. All these thing I had gained from your course.

The knowledge of radiology is mandatory for neuromusculoskeletal practitioners like PT’s to rule out the red flag and for purpose of monitoring progression. These radiological concepts are not  in academic curriculum of Physiotherapy UG & PG programs offered in India, only DPT (DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY) programs offered by universities in USA had included this radiology in their curricula, even in UK PT’S can deal with referral to radio-diagnosis. this value added 6 months course is offering in-depth knowledge of radiology to PT community in india and other neighboring countries. thanks for offering this course to Indian PT community.

The online class of Dr.Ananthan Parkunan PT PhD an extended scope practitioner from UK in shoulder radiology is an out standing session. His explanations and correlations of shoulder radiology with clinical reasoning, comparable signs and latest evidence is astonishing. Really his classes will help the budding orthopaedic and sports physiotherapist more and gives an new idea in their respective speciality with radio-diagnosis.

Thanking you

M.S. Pawan Kumar BPT, COMPT, MHSc, MIAP

Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapist & Ergonomist

Congruence Physiotherapy Clinic & Congruence Ergonomics Solutions


Pawan Kumar, is an Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapist & Ergonomist. Is an founder of Congruence Ergonomics Solutions, Administrator and Author of congergo Blog. Treated numerous cases in Cumulative trauma disorder(CTD), motion sickness syndrome, worked extensively in somatic dysfunction of spine, Cranio-mandibular rehabilitation and occupational bio-mechanical motion analysis and etc.

Now, He has joined as Program Director at International Institute of Digital Teachings.

Area Of Interest
• Automotive seat & Interior design
• Spinal mechanics
• Anthropometric
• Neuro Ergonomics
• Soft tissue mapping in RSI and GPS in RSI
• Motion Analysis
• Trauma Biomechanics
• Inner Quality Management
• Bachelors Of Physiotherapy, SRM college of Physiotherapy (TN.Dr.MGR.Medical University).
• COMPT Orthopaedics & Manual physiotherapy, Faculty Of Physiotherapy Sri Rama Chandra University & Institute Of Therapeutic Sciences, Michigan (USA).
• Masters Of Health Sciences in Applied Ergonomics, RMMC, Anna Malai University.
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M.S. Pawan Kumar PT, FRCPT, MHSc Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapist & Ergonomist