Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar (MPT)
Stroke Specialist Physiotherapist

I would recommend and the teaching methods were most modern and advanced that I have ever seen by that time.

Dr.Ram Prakash PT, FRCPT, COMPT, Medical Informatics (Germany)

Interpret the radiological finding and to correlate the clinical findings with radiological findings.

Dr.M.S.Pawan Kumar PT, FRCPT, MHSc (Ergo), COMPT
Dr.M.S.Pawan Kumar PT, FRCPT, MHSc (Ergo), COMPTPhysiotherapist - RAA Physiotherapy Clinic, Chennai

FRCPT changed my understanding of radiological anatomy & clinical co-relation. This course made my inferences a “knife in butter”.

Dr. T.R.Vivek, PT, FRCPT, ACO(Osteopathy)
Dr. T.R.Vivek Reginald, PT, FRCPT, ACO(Osteopathy)Physioptherapist - Newzone Spine & Joint Clinic
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