Digital Teaching


A hybrid course at Digital Teachings blends computer-based, online learning with face-to-face interaction. Each course has been designed to meet at least half of the time at one of our regional locations, thus allowing students to benefit from in-person time with the instructor and other classmates. Hybrid courses have been described as “the most prominent instructional delivery solution” since they provide the ever-growing and increasingly diverse academic world with the flexibility of fully online learning along with valuable collaboration achieved through face-to-face student-student and student-instructor interaction.

A graduate certification is a short course and is a non-degree program offer students the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge in specific fields. A short course is meant to make an individual more competent in his/her area of career and help you to develop career competency in a single subject. To qualify for a graduate level certificate you usually must already hold a terminal undergraduate degree. Some advanced or graduate level certificates will accept students who do not hold bachelor’s degrees. Graduate Certificates are designed to enhance the education of graduate and professional students or to provide continuing education to professionals.

Many individuals and their employers seek recognition for the skills, experience, and expertise they have gained within their field. Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying that the individual has the requisite skills, experience, and expertise. Certifications are generally earned from a professional society with a certifying body, and are usually granted based on a combination of education, experience, and knowledge, rather than solely by passing an exam. In addition, the process of developing, administering and maintaining the certification is done to international standards.

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, please visit “Apply Now” page at and choose to apply online or download the application to send to International Institute of Digital Teachings. Once we receive your application and payment, we will send you the admission approval letter with online access details of the course. You may use this online access details on course commencement.

  1. Please pay the course fee in complete or installments. Please consult the admission officer for installment on course fee or send a request to
  2. Payment can be made in cash, by Cheque or by Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card, DD, Western Union Money Transfer, at SBI Bank, or mobile money transfer.
  3. Payment can be made online by credit card or using internet banking at, “Apply Now” page.
  4. Payment can be made by depositing cash or Cheque at State Bank of India (SBI) account number 30029569889 in the name of “Prabhu C” and send the copy cash slip / Cheque to International Institute of Digital teachings or send scanned copy admissions
  5. Payment can also be done by DD favour of “Digital Teachings Educational Trust” payable at Bangalore and send the same to International Institute of Digital teachings.

We work hard to assure your satisfaction with International Institute of Digital Teachings. But, if you enroll and decide Digital Teachings’ learning environment isn’t for you, simply cancel your enrollment within the first 5 days of commencement of the program.

Currently, English only will be the medium of instruction for the subjects of study and for the examination of all the courses.

Please submit any of the following documents:

1. Attested copy of marks card of Qualifying Course


2. Internship or course completion certificate


3. UG Certificate


4.PG Certificate

Your instructor functions as your primary resource and facilitator in this active, learner-controlled process. Your instructor also coordinates, synthesizes, summarizes, and comments on the work of the class as a whole. The Digital Teachings online courses involve much more than reading texts and writing papers. In particular, instructors can tailor each session of a course to the particular needs, priorities and experience of the students. The faculties enrich the basic course material from their own expertise, experience and help students make the most effective use of their time.

You can always reach your instructor by course mail and you should receive a reply within 24 hours weekdays or on Monday for messages sent over the weekend. You also can contact through telephone of the instructor. Our Faculties may have virtual office hours where they will be available for online chat sessions. You can access chat, email, and other communication tools from the course tools menu.