FRCPT – Summer 2019, Chennai – Venue & Lecture Schedule
FRCPT – Summer 2019, Chennai – Venue & Lecture Schedule

RAA Physiotherapy Clinic, Chennai

41, 1st Cross St, Trustpuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600024, India

RAA Physiotherapy Centre



10 ALTERNATIVE SUNDAYS (May 26, 2019 to Sep 29, 2019)

The course is a graduate level 6 months course. All coursework are completed in both  direct and online. The course includes 10 alternative sundays direct lectured By.Dr.Prabhu and other faculties which includes 60 hours of direct theory and practical classes. 

As this is a graduate level course, participants can expect to spend an additional 2-3 hours of study time per day of course time (this may vary depending on the individual’s level of experience and time).

The schedule of classes are tentative, it may subject to change with prior information to all the candidates of FRCPT course. Required and supplementary articles are listed in each weekly module and can be downloaded from FRCPT Communication page.

S.No Module Date
1. Basics of  X ray, CT & MRI 26.05.2019
2. Cervical  X ray, CT,& MRI 09.06.2019
3. Lumbar  X ray, CT,& MRI 23.06.2019
4. Shoulder X Ray & MRI 07.07.2019
5. Elbow X Ray & MRI 21.07.2019
6. Wrist & Hand  X Rays 04.08.2019
7. Hip X Ray & MRI 18.08.2019
8. Knee X Ray, CT & MRI 01.09.2019
9. Ankle & Foot X Rays 15.09.2019
10. Chest X ray  & Examination 29.09.2019



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